“The existence of modernity depends on good tradition”

Bringing together tradition and the avant-garde

On this emblematic corner between Calle Mayor and Calle 31 de Agosto, opposite the legendary Santa María Church, tradition and the avant-garde come together, a meeting point where locals and tourists gather in a spirit of respect.

At Atari there is total harmony between culture,
gastronomy and Basque roots.



Seasonal market produce cuisine

When it opened in 2010, it was the trailblazer for Gastroleku, the ‘alma mater’ where you can enjoy fresh market cuisine, made with seasonal produce with a traditional base combined with innovative brushstrokes, where care and service are key. It has a magnificent terrace where you can enjoy our spectacular drinks and professionally prepared cocktails in a magnificent atmosphere.




  • Heated terrace
  • Maximum capacity: 24 people
  • 02:00 am curfew
  • Suitable for disabled customers
  • NEARBY PARKING: Boulevard
  • Bus stops and taxi rank less than 80 metres away

“In order to create, you must be aware of traditions,
but in order to maintain traditions, you must create something new.”


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+34 943 44 07 92